Amanda D. Nix

[Zion, Steve, and Mandy Nix]
Zion, Steve, and Mandy Nix

Posted June 2, 2003:

I hope you are well. I have had a few updates in the past year that would like to share with you. I recently saw my cousin, Angie Anders, on your website and realized that I needed to update my information! :) My husband and I have moved to the outskirts of Monroe, Louisiana in a community called Swartz - a much calmer, country-like setting which we enjoy. We also have changed our e-mail address to: snix@jam.rr.com. I have enjoyed the recent additions to the website. I am also including our most recent snapshot. Thank you for the time you have taken to allow us to take a walk into the past, as well as allow us all find each other.

Warmest wishes,
Mandy Nix

Posted June 5, 2001:

Hi! This is so exciting. I didn't know how many "Draglands" there were over here. My grandfather is Marvin Dragland who married Marie - I believe her maiden name was Bible. They met during WWII and settled in a small town called Shongaloo in Louisiana. My father is Thomas M. Dragland who is one of seven children. Lynnie H. Dragland is my mother. I have only one sibling - a sister, Abigail Dragland - who just graduated from high school and will be beginning Louisiana Tech University in the fall. My Uncle Michael Dragland, my father, and I work at the electric company for the four state area of Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi called Entergy. I am also attending college attempting to enter the medical field. My father is soon to be transferred to Little Rock, Arkansas. Uncle Michael is currently in New Orleans, Louisiana, and I am in West Monroe, Louisiana. About a year ago, my Aunt Mary contacted another branch of the family in Norway, which was also amazing.

My maiden name was Amanda D. Dragland. I am in West Monroe, Louisiana. My husband is Steven E. Nix, so now I am Amanda D. Nix. We have a son named Benjamin Zion. My aunt is Mary Dragland - she is the one who let my father and I know about your site. Please add me to your list of Draglands and let me know if there is anything else we can do down here.

Please keep in touch.
Amanda D. Nix