Dragland – Mystery Photos

Dragland mystery photos


These two pictures were sent from the USA to Norway in the early 1900's. (They look as if they were taken at the same time by the same photograper – see background.)

The two men in the pictures were believed to be Mikal Peder Olsen Dragland and his brother Daniel Berteus Olsen Dragland, with their families. It is not known which is which. Mikal and Daniel came to America with their sister Nikoline Marie in 1887. (Another possibility is that this is Daniel and his brother Thomas who came over in 1901. If we knew the age of their children it would be easier to tell. In 1901, Thomas married Gerharda Jacobsdtr, and they lived together with his brother for a couple of years before they went to Seattle.)

If you have any information that would help us determine the identities of these people, please contact the Dragland Family Association.

Date Taken: 1887 - 1905 ?
Place Taken: North Dakota, USA ?

Owner: Hans Rendall, Oslo, Norway
(Copy: Dragland Family Association)

Hi, back again...

As for the two mystery pictures, we (or I) now think that the leftmost picture is Emeretse Anna Kristine b.17.1.1871, a daughter of Ole Torsen, and her husband Petter Jentoft Larsen (and their children). They went to the USA for some years, but returned to Norway.

The rightmost picture we still think is Daniel Bertheus Olsen Dragland, (another son of Ole Torsen) b 3 AUG 1861, and his family.

Hans Rendall

(07/16/2007) MYSTERY SOLVED ...


I received an email form a distant cousin of ours with the following picture and dokumentation..

Her name is : May Sissel Frøynes email address: om.ms@c2i.net. She says that she can confirm that the family on the right hand side is Daniel Berteus Olsen Dragland and his family. She sent me another picture of the core family as well. (See below...) She also says that the age of the children also tells her that it must be him. Daniel died in Sharon, North Dakota, USA. His wife, Anna Louise Eriksen was the sister of her great grandmother. She came from Sørvikmark near Harstad, Norway.

Greetings to you all from
Oddvar Skogsletten


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