Betty Kemp (nee. Dragland) and Her Family
- Christmas 2022

Betty Kemp and Family


Back Row, L-R: Ben Reich, Nathan Foster, Brendan Lawler, Don Currah,
Griffin Jones, Manfred Kemp
Middle Row, L-R: Emily Currah, Julia Baines, Justine Foster (holding dog "Penny"), Lisa Kemp
Front Row, L-R: Jadyn Pidsadny, (holding her cat "Sullivan") Brette Pidsadny, Heather Kemp, Betty Kemp, Melanie Pidsadny

Justine and Brendan live in Edmonton. Nathan lives in Fort McMurray; his girlfriend Julia lives in Edmonton. Jadyn's friend Griffin lives in Beaumont. Brette and her boyfriend live in Sherwood Park. Our daughter Heather lives with Don and his daughter Emily, in Red Deer. Lisa and Melanie, and Jadyn live in Beaumont. Manfred and I are still on the home farm, West of Millet, Alberta.

We wish the best of health to you and all the family!

Date Taken: December, 2022
Place Taken: Kemp Home Farm near Millet, Alberta, Canada
Owner: Betty Kemp (Copy: Dragland Family Association)

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