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Emails Wanted

There are probably hundreds of Dragland Family members who should be receiving this newsletter, but they aren't because we don't have their email address. If you know of any such persons, please ask them to subscribe at this link: https://www.dragland.org/newsletter_subscribe.php or simply send their email address to admin@dragland.org.

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Alpha & Omega

Roan Asaher Dodd
[DFA# 178.421.32]
b: 2018-Nov-20 at Toronto, ON

-- The newest Dragland is pictured here with his Mom (Fallon)

* photo by Blair Dodd (Dad)

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Membership Info

Here are some details on our various DFA membership levels:

  1. Associate Member

            • Free
            • Eligible to receive family newsletter
            • May have name/phone number/email address published on directory
               (if desired)
            • May submit stories and photos for the website
            • Receives invitation to family reunions and other events
            • Eligible for password to detailed (confidential) family tree

  1. Regular Member

            • Dues are $30 per year (payable on your birthday)
            • Includes all benefits of Associate Member, plus:
            • Eligible for dragland.org email address

  1. Gold Member

            • Dues are $100 per year (payable on your birthday)
            • Includes all benefits of Regular Member, plus:
            • Eligible to receive annual financial statements
            • Eligible to serve on planning committees
            • Eligible for seat on the DFA Board of Directors

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Update Reminder

Viking medallionDon't forget to check out the new additions to our family tree (thanks to Ramona Pekarek of St. Paul, MN).

Ramona has provided a chart which reveals 2 older generations of our ancestors dating back to 1670, which our branch of the family did not know about before. The following people have been added to the top of the DFA family tree:

-11: Nils Eriksen b: 1670 at Midlang d: 1743 at Ivru
     m: Bothilda Olsd b: 1689 at Hallsete d:1740 at Ovri

            -1: Hallvor Nilsen b. c1709 at Ovri d/bur: 1788-Oct-24 at Limmesand
                 m: 1737-Jun-30 at Vik Sogn to: Anna Thorsdatter [daughter
                 of Thor Bendiksen (1687-1763) & Aase Joensdatter (1685-1759)]


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Family Tree Links


  1. Descendants of Nils Hallvardson Limmesand, (1750 - 1804)
    (For security reasons, most birthdays and anniversaries of living persons have been excluded.)

  2. Full Family Tree -- MEMBERS ONLY
    (userid & password required)
    Last updated: Nov 15, 2016.

    If you are a Dragland Family member, and would like to know the userid & password, click on the following link to send a request message:

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Call for Papers

Note: If you have any announcements, stories, photos, etc. that you would like to share with family members, send them to admin@dragland.org and say you would like to be published in the DFA Oracle. We would all love to hear from you!

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